High-Quality Bath Bomb Box with Customizations



I love buying bath bombs, but I hate the plastic wrap that comes with them. I can’t stand to run my fingers through it or even touch the box! So, when I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out myself, I was blown away by how easy and fun it was! Now you can make your own personalized bath bomb boxes for any occasion.

The perfect size for bath bombs!


Bath Bomb Boxes are a good size for holding bath salts and bath bombs. The box can hold up to four ounces of your favorite bath soak, but it’s also big enough to hold a full-size tub of water with your favorite scent of salts.
If you’re looking for something more personal, try adding in some handmade stickers or even custom labels! Any time you’re gifting someone with handmade items like this one (or any other) it’s always nice if they have something that identifies them as the recipient; whether it’s their name written across the outside of their box or an image printed on top of theirs so that everyone knows who put these together.

You can create your own label for your bath bomb box!

There are a few ways to create your own label for your bath bomb box. If you have a computer or tablet, then you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word. You can also use the same program on an iPhone or Android phone (if it has one). This is what I use in my home office, which is one floor below my kitchen where the kids play and where I do most of my cooking.
If this all sounds like too much work for you though, don’t worry–there are plenty of other options! Here’s another idea: instead of using up all that space on the label itself, why not just place an image of it somewhere else? For example: if someone asked me what kind of barbells they should get their boyfriend/girlfriend as a birthday present this year (and who wouldn’t want an opinion from someone who knows better than anyone else?), I’d probably show them one photo of some dumbbells and say something like “He/She should definitely get those things because they’ll help him/her build up muscles faster than ever before!”

Personalized Bath Bomb Boxes


Personalized Bath Bomb Boxes are the perfect gift for anyone! You can customize the label, add a message to the label and even add a photo or logo. This is an excellent way to show off your brand or business at a very affordable price point.

Bath Bomb Boxes are great as birthday or holiday gifts.

Bath Bomb Boxes are a fun gift for the bath lover in your life. You can create your own label for your bath bomb box, and then it will be personalized with their name, date of birth and other special details.
Bath Bomb Boxes make great birthday or holiday gifts because they’re small enough to fit into any pocket easily while still being large enough to be useful!

Great Holiday Gift Idea

If you know someone who loves to take a long soak in the tub, then this is the perfect gift for them. Bath bomb boxes are great for any occasion and can be personalized with your loved one’s name or initials.

Bath bomb boxes make a great gift for the bath lover in your life!

Add Some Fun to Your Bath Time

Bath bombs are a great way to relax and unwind. They can be used as part of an overall health routine, or on their own for treating specific ailments.

• Bath bombs are great for stress relief! They’re small enough that you won’t feel overwhelmed by the experience. Plus, they don’t require anything more than your bathtub (and maybe some warm water).

• Bath bombs can help relieve pain! The ingredients in these little packages will make your muscles go weak–especially those tight ones around your shoulders and neck. If you have tension headaches often due to stressors at work or home (or both), this would be a great way to soothe those muscles after a long day at work or school…and/or before bedtime!

These bath bomb boxes are a fun gift for the bath lover in your life.

Bath bomb boxes are a fun gift for the bath lover in your life. They’re great for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion where you want to give someone a little something extra special.

The best part about these bath bomb boxes is that they are personalized! You can write down some of their favorite activities, or even put their name on it as an extra-special thank you.


These are the best bath bomb boxes that I have ever seen. They’re so fun, personalized, and adorable! If you want to give someone a gift that is more than just a regular box of bath salts (which is always appreciated), give them one of these! You can even make your own label for it or customize it in any way you want. The possibilities are endless with these cute bath bomb boxes!

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