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Juice Boxes
Posted by / 2021-21-December


People from all over the universe have been drinking beverages like juice and also in juice boxes. Juice is a drink that is extracted by pressing the common liquid accommodated in fruits and vegetables.


Juice Boxes


After the evolution of pasteurization methods, juice came into view as a well-liked drink choice as it was enabled for its protection without fermentation. New Zealand is the largest fruit juice consumer.


Who invented Juice Boxes?


The juice boxes were invented by a Swedish man Ruben Rausing in 1963. He was laborious to make out a better-organized method to get to be milk to the market. Then through the work hard of Rausing, he evolved a forerunner to the juice box which was like a brick form in appearance called “The Tetra Brick”. Through paperboard, plastic, and aluminum, these shelf-stable cartoons were made, that were not recyclable.


When were juice boxes invented?


As juice boxes were invented in 1963, their earlier form was like a rectangle. Due to its rectangular semblance, Tetra Bricks hold up more than half of the space of the old containers.

After 5 years, Ruben Rausing made snow another achievement when he found how to fill the Tetra Bricks juices in sterile or aseptic conditions.

Then in the 1980s, in the United States, All the competitors entered the market and tried new sorts of plans for profit. The companies tried to fill up the juice boxes with different fluids and implemented new ideas and schemes.

When the boxes were firstly introduced in the market, the companies filled them with watery juices rather than the real ones. Nevertheless, acquiring that Europeans were becoming more fitness responsive, the juice box companies acknowledged by quitting the boxes with physically fit liquid refreshments.

After that, some companies started adding vitamins in juice containers like vitamin A and C. In the early 1990s “Minute Maid” was the First Company who added calcium in its juice boxes.

Other companies act in accordance later but soon. After that, the environmental groups were stressed about the environmental effects due to these boxes.

Then according to sustainable development, the manufacturers made the boxes aseptic so that they could be easily recycled.  The Aseptic juice boxes won the Presidential Award for Sustainable development.


Custom Cardboard juice boxes


Custom Cardboard boxes are easy to use in our daily lives. They are to be in the service of retail packaging.  These boxes are specially made in various ways to save and preserve products and if you want to Pack Beauty Products in Custom Boxes.

Occasionally, a by-product needs some additional preservation in its packaging. Buy custom Box offers a variety of Creative and Metallic and also Cardboard boxes. Custom Cardboard juice boxes are accessible in a collection of sizes.

Generally, cardboard substance is used to manufacture that boxes which are inexpensive and come to light with a demanding stain to enchant clients in the market. It’s our promise to provide the best quality to our customers.


Custom design cardboard Juices boxes


Buy Custom Box comes up with many design collections of custom juice cardboard boxes. By “Buy Custom Box” you can surely and certainly make your products poke out.

It puts together your product stand out and gives it an acknowledgment. You can also share with us your cognition and we will do it for you.

You have no idea for your Box, and you’re thinking about what kind of design is best, Buy Custom Box is always there to assist you freely. Order from us freely.


Custom Printed cardboard juice boxes


There are a variety of custom printed cardboard juice boxes.  These boxes provide great trade-in retail packaging. These custom-made cardboard boxes can be made-to-order in all attributes and keep safe of your product from harm.

Buy Custom Box will provide you with a great packaging solution. Our boxes are very economical for the transmit of juices. These custom printed cardboard boxes are very well built, secure, wide and surely you can store your juices there.

Many businessmen are wanting such types of custom boxes which distinguish them from all the others and this is that platform that can be proved fruitful.

Buy custom Boxes will print you cardboard boxes according to your desire as custom boxes play a vital role in the promotion and promotional services.


Kids juice cardboard boxes


Customized kids cardboard juice boxes are one of the significant packaging orders right now. Buy Custom Box is using each and every kind of commodity from packaging to delivery for its customers.

Reasonable and long-lasting packaging arrangements are stand in need of all organizations. Cardboard customized kid’s juice boxes are sufficient in such a manner. We will provide you with the highest quality of printing and design with our finest material.


Cardboard juice boxes wholesale


Custom-made juice boxes at wholesale are also available in Buy Custom Box. They are very economical according to your budget. We will provide you with every cardboard purely and honestly.

We provide juice wholesale boxes that assist you to come into possession of economically packaging boxes. By ordering in bulk, you can get a wholesale discount on the cardboard boxes. This option is most satisfactory and acceptable for companies and businesses.




Buy Custom Box offers graceful and elegant Custom made cardboard juice boxes with great and astounding packaging. Buy Custom Box is the obligatory requirement of the brands now.

If you’re looking for customized cardboard boxes, feel free to contact us. We have very proficient and qualified personnel who endeavor to deliver to you the outstanding quality substance.

Other competitors have no counterpart to our printing methods. It is our word of honor.  Furthermore, our all products don’t cause any harm or distress to nature as they are environmentally sound and eco-friendly.

We have online Customer service to smooth your all obscurity and queries. Order us to take benefit of our top standard packaging box experience. We work accurately and according to your desires and requirements. Our upskilled staff is always there to help you as well.


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