What Are the Common Printing Technologies Used For Perfume Box Making?

Custom box offers a range of effective varnishes, including holographic varnishes, iridium protective varnishes, and pearl varnishes. These coatings enhance packaging quality, durability, and design possibilities, aligning with market trends towards environmentally friendly and cost-effective production. Selecting the appropriate printing technologies is crucial in crafting a visually appealing perfume box. Custom box employs various printing methods to ensure a premium finish:

  • Full-Color Offset Print: This widely-used method produces high-quality images, combining colors to create vivid representations. The CMYK printing system is standard, offering accurate color representation.
  • UV 6-Color Offset Print: This modern solution uses metalized and traditional foil surfaces, providing high-tech performance and a hot stamping effect.
  • Hot Stamping (Embossing, Hot-Foil Stamping): Hot stamping involves using foil to cover distinct parts with gold, silver, or other color effects. It adds a visual appeal that is hard to achieve with regular printing.
  • Varnishing: Varnishing fine-tunes printed output by applying various types of varnish to enhance vision, colors, and protection.

Foil Lamination and Die-Cutting

Advanced Packaging Techniques

Foil lamination and die-cutting are pivotal in packaging innovation:

  • Foil Lamination: This technology ensures the retention of taste quality and appearance in food packaging, considering health and hygiene aspects. Custom box offers conventional foil coatings in various thicknesses and finishes.
  • Die-Cutting: This stage involves cutting, creasing, and other partial operations, shaping the structural design of a package or label. Custom box provides a diverse selection of die-cutting machines to offer complex-shaped packages.

Wrapping Up the Perfume Box

The Wrapping Machine

Custom box employs a cellophane wrapping machine to complete the perfume box packaging. This device uses cellophane or BOPP film to wrap boxes in three dimensions, ensuring a waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-counterfeiting package.

Machine Working Principle

The machine operates by moving boxes forward, cutting the film to the required length, and then folding and heat-sealing the film around the box. The process involves box feeding, film feeding, tear tape sticking, film exit, cutting, folding, heat sealing, shaping, and discharging—all automated for efficiency.

Features of the Wrapping Machine

The cellophane wrapping machine offers automated processes, ensuring waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-counterfeiting packaging. It allows for instant sealing with no material left in the heat sealing station, offering flexibility for heat-sensitive products. The machine’s user-friendly design enhances ease of use, maintenance, and repair.

Finding a Trusted Custom Perfume Box Manufacturer

Custom box as Your Partner

Custom box stands out as a trusted custom perfume box manufacturer with 20 years of experience. Their expertise lies in understanding current trends in the Middle Eastern and European markets. Offering a range of high-quality perfume boxes, including cardboard, wooden, and plastic options, Custom box focuses on elevating brand image and sustainability.

Customization Options

Custom box’s custom perfume boxes are made from biodegradable and sustainable materials, providing a long-lasting imprint for brands. The nearly endless customization options allow brands to tailor their perfume boxes to align with their target market’s preferences.

Importance of Perfume Boxes

Perfume boxes are not mere containers; they are the first impression a brand makes on its customers. Appealing and eye-catching perfume packaging enhances brand recognition and, ultimately, boosts profits. Custom box emphasizes the importance of considering the message, perfume bottle shape, and target market when developing a custom perfume box.


In the competitive world of perfumes, packaging is a powerful tool for brand differentiation. Custom box’s guide on how to make a perfume box emphasizes the holistic approach required—from designing the perfect box to embracing eco-friendly materials, employing advanced printing technologies, and utilizing innovative wrapping machines. As a trusted custom perfume box manufacturer, Custom box offers brands the opportunity to enhance their brand image and make a lasting impression in the market.

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