Welcome to Buy Custom Box store!

Welcome to Buy Custom Box store!

BCB Provide Customize Boxes and Creative Packaging

We are a group of creative minded packaging professionals looking to provide you innovative designs and solutions that not only help products stand out above the rest, increasing the product’s growth and success. In Creative packaging our passion is for driving the new, the innovative and the unexpected Printed Boxes into the hands of small and large businesses.

These boxes come in different designs and shapes to help businesses and individuals pack and store their goods. Our packaging specialists work with you to understand your goals to recommend solutions catered to your project. At the very core of our business, we understand that our customers’ success is our success.


Major types of Packaging

BCB provided creative packaging and products from three major types of materials Corrugated Material, Cardboard Material, and Kraft Material.

Cardboard Boxes

The light weight of cardboard boxes makes them easy to handle and move while packaging, loading and unloading.

Cardboard is highly customizable and very cost-effective. Cardboard boxes are mostly used for retail and display proposes.

Brown Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes have superior quality. They can bear most of the adverse climatic conditions like moisture/humidity, heat, and even shock.

They are very beneficial because they can easily protect the products within the boxes intact and prevent any damage. These are eco-friendly boxes and also called as recycled boxes.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are commonly used to carry heavier products such as appliances, electronic goods, wine, fruit, vegetables and mainly used for direct shipping propose.

Corrugated Boxes offer protection to shipped products. The combination of rigidity and cushioning qualities makes them strong to bear impact during transportation and movement.