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Welcome to Buy Custom Box Store!

Hair Extension Boxes

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    Hair Extension Boxes

    Hair plays a significant role in determining human self-esteem. This is why hair extensions are high in demand these days. Cosmetics brands sell their hair extensions in custom hair extension boxes to establish their brand identity create individuality in design and style in their marketplace and help you.

    If you are looking for hair extension boxes, you are landing at the right place. Buy custom boxes offer you high-quality custom hair extension packaging to stand out from your business competitors with prominent lead.

    Our custom hair extension boxes are designed with easy-open, quick-snap clasps and sturdy interior dividers to keep your hair extensions neatly organized.

    BCB entertained its customers globally at competitive prices without minimum or maximum order limitations. We have a high professional who makes creative and unique packaging at affordable prices. We use quality inventory cardboard and raisin inks while making our wholesale custom hair extension packaging to give your brand a professional look.

    Exceptionally Design Custom Window Hair Extension Boxes

    To create custom extensions for your brand, BCB suggests more powerful custom window hair extension boxes that make an impressive outlook on your brand to appeal to customers. We design custom hair extension boxes with distinctive and unique designs and cutting-edge technology to display your hair extensions with more refinement to generate a favorable brand image.

    Hair extension boxes with slider windows, sleeve windows, side windows, top windows, and die-cut windows are available in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes to provide you with exceptionally tailored packaging to increase your company’s reputation. BCB gives you guarantees of high-quality customized packaging for your hair extension packaging.

    Boxes for High-Quality Hair Extensions by BCB

    BCB value having productive working relationships with our clients. We offer premium box packaging that can result in pleasant, trust-building interactions with our clients throughout the world. Our objective is to offer our clients efficient designs made of the finest caliber materials. Our packing quality will never be compromised, even to accommodate customization. We have a well-trained staff of professionals who work on the printing and design to create cutting-edge packaging for your hair extension.

    What Type Of Materials Can You Explore?

    We offer eco-friendly packaging materials that are 100% recyclable to offset the waste burden. BCB have a wide range of packaging materials for your hair extension packaging. We offer Cardboard Boxes, Brown Kraft Boxes, and Corrugated Boxes. All of these materials provide complete recyclability and are easy to store. You can modify your product boxes according to the demand of your product and the product of size. For instance, you can add proficient customized product packaging to keep your hair extensions safe from damage.

    Build Your Brand Identity with Premium Quality Packaging Material

    Our main goal is to meet your customization by providing high-quality packaging materials. We are offering you a wide range of high-quality packaging materials at competitive prices for your product packaging. Browse our website to test stock collections such as Corrugated Material, Cardboard Material, & Kraft Material.

    If you are confused about the choice of the packaging material, our manufacturing experts will surely come up with unique ideas about which material is suitable for your product. All of our packaging stocks listed above carry different material thicknesses. The final choice is yours regarding hair extension packaging.

    BCB Custom Hair Extension Boxes Packaging

    Your brand packaging is one of the best ways to give your brand a classy outlook. Buy custom boxes provide the ideal way of presenting your hair extensions to your customers on the retail shelves. Our excellent packaging services would appeal to your customers to make a purchase.

    BCB provides complete freedom to its customers to experiment with their product outlook by offering a wide range of custom box designs, sizes, and materials. You can modify your product packaging according to your customer’s requirements. Our team keeps all the instructions in mind and provides you with the best possible relevant designs that suit your brand.

    What Types Of Boxes Can You Use For Your Black Hair Extension Boxes?

    If your products look different and unique, choose unorthodox box styles. It’ll grab the attention of your audience. BCB has a wide range to offer box styles for your hair extension packagingFor instance, you can use; Sleeve boxes, Front cutout tray, Pillow boxes style, Sleeve with die cuts style, and Straight tuck end style to give your brand a unique appearance. In addition, you can decorate these cosmetic boxes to advertise your brand according to your seasonal deals and discounts.

    How Do BCB Add-ons Help You To Build Your Brand Identity?

    We provide a variety of add-on options to make your product packaging look aesthetically pleasing and appealing to your target marketplace. You can order your promotional deals, seasonal discount offers, and event base packaging. If you want to give a professional finish to your hair extension boxes, you have two options; matte or glossy coatings to enhance the transparency of your products. It will help you to get a prominent lead.

    You can also add different features to your custom box packaging to facilitate your customers and retailers. For instance, you can add magnetic closure to the rigid wholesale hair extension boxes to keep your hair extensions safe after use in the boxes.

    Why Should You Choose BCB?

    We have exceptionally talented manufacturing and design teams that will help you to build your brand in your competitive market through their prolific packaging services. We uniquely design your custom boxes with high-quality packaging material to allure your potential and regular customers.

    Our sales team and specialist are available to serve 24/7 to assist you throughout the process. BCB offers you the fastest delivery system with the shortest turnaround time. Get the highest-quality custom hair extension boxes packaging in the shortest time with free delivery all over the USA.

    Avail Endless Benefits From BCB Customize Hair Extension Box Packaging To Get A Classy Look

    Make a festive mood for your customers by manufacturing custom boxes for your special festivals. To get a high lead in your competitive marketplace or to make your sales or event discount successful you need to build a complete look on your packaging to display your deals and celebration.

    BCB does its best to cater to your brand needs. Our Customize packaging services are based on the highest quality standardized and eco-friendly packaging materials that’ll make your customer’s mood.

    Diversified Shape & Sizes

    BCB custom packaging employs a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors by covering your hair extension wide range of color shades. We offer special custom-based box packaging to make your cosmetic products stand out among your competitors. We provide custom hair extension box packaging in almost all shapes and sizes, including rectangular, gable, cube, cylindrical, pyramid, pie, and diamond shape boxes.

    Top Notch Printing & Designing Services

    To make your product stand out! We can handle any task by offering our custom box packaging in bulk form. We can print your logo, product description, specification, and everything you want on your cosmetic boxes such as; your brand logo, tagline, and everything you want.

    Free & Prompt Delivery

    Get the highest-quality custom hair extension packaging in the shortest time with free delivery in the USA. Our mission statement is to meet your customization at an affordable cost. So, why are you waiting? Contact our sales team to get your required box packaging at a competitive price. We ensure free shipping in the USA at your doorstep.

    Showcase Your Hair Extension Packaging Boxes with Unique Opening Style

    We give your brand a wide range of unique and classy opening styles from which you can select your desired one. You can get our hair extension packaging box to make your hair extension products unique and eye-catching. You can pick from the following given packaging styles for your brand representation:

    Sleeve Box Style

    BCB sleeve custom hair packaging is highly in demand. Sleeve box packaging gives your hair extension box double protection as compared to other traditional packaging designs sleeve box boxes help make your hair extensions beautifully presentable. Furthermore, you can change and upgrade your box design by having a window option.

    Front Cutout Tray Style

    For your hair extension, BCB introduced Front cutout Tray style packaging to showcase your hair extension on shelves in their wrapped forms. You can easily grip your hair extension inside the tray due it its specific front cutout.

    Your brand’s outer look is vital in appealing to your targeted customers. The front cutout tray provides the best way to present hair extensions to your client. You can customize this tray in every way, like shape, material, size, and color, as per your product demand.

    Pillow Box Style

    As its name suggests, this box will look like a Pillow. Commonly it’ll be used for cosmetic items and gifts as well. You can also place the window before the pillow box to show your hair extension. You can order custom hair extension boxes in any size and shape. Pillow boxes enhance the exquisiteness and style of your hair extensions packaging.

    Sleeve With Die Cuts Style

    Sleeve with Die Cuts is the perfect choice for those searching for trendy packaging options to make your hair extension more attractive. These sleeve boxes make your packaging elegant and durable and ensure the safety of your hair extensions. Sleeves with Die cuts are perfect for packing hair extensions due to their efficient locking mechanism. BCB is produced high-quality material to meet your customization. You can order customized sleeve boxes in this style in different shapes, materials, sizes, and colors as per your choice.

    Straight Tuck End Style

    Straight Tuck End is the most widely used box in the packaging industry. It is simple and easy to use by having tuck end closures on both top and bottom of the box. You can also place the window in front of this box to display your hair extensions professionally. We can customize this box style in every way, like shape, material, size, colors, and finish options.

    BCB custom hair boxes give great value to your hair extension brand. We offer a wide range of hair extension packaging ranges with fence inserts and window options, which will make your hair extensions more presentable. BCB doesn’t charge for shipping, cutting, and template on its packaging boxes. You can order customized straight truck end boxes for your hair extensions from premium quality white cardboard and customize them as per your product requirements.

    BCB Care for Sustainability

    We provide sustainable custom hair extension boxes to stand out your brand in your competitive market. We use environmentally friendly packaging materials with 100% recyclable material in our packaging materials to maintain an eco-friendly environment at low costs. Whether you are looking for a large or small product packaging option, BCB has a wide range to meet your demands!

    However, the materials which we offer for hair extension packaging by our company are biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

    Hire Buy Custom Box to Enjoy Excellent Packaging Experience

    Buy custom boxes offer creative artwork with the best packaging services globally at competitive prices. We’ll provide high-quality hair extension packaging with innumerable options to meet your customizations if you hire our company for your hair extension packaging. If you want to design custom boxes, you can sketch out the packaging idea, and the rest of our manufacturing experts will manage it for you. So, contact us today to get classy packaging for your hair extension!

    Customer Service Information

    BCB is a premier custom packaging supplier in the USA, addressing the packaging needs of your businesses for decades to meet your business needs. If you are looking for your business partner, who’ll meet your customization options for your business or personal use and want some unique shapes, sizes, and custom hair extension boxes, place your custom sizes order today! Our team will get right away to meet your requirements. Once they complete your box order, we’ll safely deliver it to your doorstep. Get in touch with custom Boxes for a free quote.

    Get Customized Hair Extension Boxes with Free Shipping by contacting us.

    First impressions are permanent. Your product package is crucial in luring a large audience if you want to reach them. As the top manufacturer of hair extension boxes in the USA, we can print your logo or other images on any box you already have at a competitive price to match your customisation needs.

    For your company’s brand, we provide superior quality custom retail packaging. Buy Custom Boxes has experience working with both companies and private clients. By offering premium, distinctive, and eye-catching packages for shipping or storage, we help our customers receive well-known leads. Why then do you wait? To lead your brand, contact us right away.

    Dimensions All Custom shapes & Sizes
    Material 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) White Cardboard, Eco-Friendly Brown Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Bleach Board, Art Card, Rigid (Sturdier)
    Printing Type CMYK, PMS, Screen Printing, Offset Printing
    Printing Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation, Laser Cutting and Hot Stamping
    Finishing Gloss (Shinny Look), Matte(Decent Dull Look),
    Quantities 50 – 500,000
    Sampling Digital Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)
    Turn Around Time 4-6 Business Days , Rush Delivery
    Shipping DHL, UPS and FEDEX
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